Interactive Developer

Hi! I'm Lawrie, an interactive developer from Leeds.

I like making things. Thinking up an idea, working out the steps needed to bring it to reality and then making it happen! I've been making web content for over ten years, with projects ranging from interactive training lessons and data driven websites to iPad applications and games with millions of users all around the world.

I utilise various tools, depending on the project, including HTML(5), CSS, Javascript, Actionscript 3 (including Air for desktop, iPad and Android), WebGL, PHP and more. I take a keen interest in UI, UX, illustration, typography, creative ideas and innovative uses of technology. I'm proactive and an enthusiastic learner, always on the lookout for challenging projects and eager to learn new languages and expand my skillset.
I love technology, design, music and great ideas.


I'm currently a UX Developer at twentysix - an industry leading digital marketing agency in Leeds, England. I work across many areas, including producing high quality, cross platform educational tools for worldwide brands, such as Wella and Sassoon. I help plan, produce and deploy large multi-language applications to users worldwide, both online, and through desktop and iPad applications.

I've had the pleasure of working with numerous high profile clients on a variety of exciting projects. Here's a brief selection of some recent ones -

Other clients I have worked with include:

Bafta logo
Design Museum logo
Sassoon logo
Lenor logo
Nice N Easy logo
Oral B logo
Rizla logo
Yorkshire Dales National Park logo

Side Projects

Whether it's as a training exercise with a new language or framework, a creative idea bursting to get out, or just for the fun of it, I relish getting stuck into a new personal project. Here are a selection of my favourites -


I think experimentation is hugely important. It's a great way to get to grips with new technologies and lets you see what's possible. Also, it's great fun; Putting together working demos and proof of concept applications can flesh out ideas or even lead in new directions.

Be it WebGL, Three JS, 3D CSS, Pixi JS, Easel JS, Arduino, Processing, Midi, Kinect or most recently Leap Motion, I like to get stuck in and get building.


Do you have an amazing idea for an app? A question about generative music systems? Or just looking for someone to hang out with at next mathrock gig? Don't hesitate to get in touch; Drop me an email or a tweet, or have a look over my profile on LastFM or GimmieBar.