In just 25 lines of Actionscript 3…

Right, I’m new to this, so go easy with me.
The idea of this blog, is to share some of the code I write and ideas I have. So much of my learning process with Flash has been through blogs and messageboards, I thought I’d best give something back.
I’m still getting to grip with WordPress, so I’m not sure how well this work, but hopefully you should see a flash movie here –
fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”flash-content/25lines/25lines.swf” targetclass=”flashmovie” publishmethod=”static” width=”400″ height=”400″]

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Cool! You can affect the transparency of the circles and their spin direction by moving your mouse around.
Well, that was my entry into the awesome 25 lines competition, a great idea run by Keith Peters. The idea was to create something cool using just 25 lines of Actionscript 3, and that’s what I made. Needless to say, the Flash community submitted some staggering pieces, but I’m still quite proud of my entry as it was one of my first AS3 projects. In my next post, I’ll post the source code.

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