Bitmap Explosion Effect + Cool Flash links.

I’ve got a few games in development at the minute, so nothing much finished to show off. What I will do is show you one of the fun effects I’ve been making and point you in the direction of a couple of really cool projects other people have made recently.

Hot on heel of my first ever 3D flash gamePlug In Media have launched a phenomenal site, using 3D in flash to amazing effect. There’s far too much cool stuff going on to mention, so if you haven’t seen it already – go and check it out.
One section I liked especially, was the hand painting. Check out my artwork –

Another cool site launched recently, is Studio Luden’s Repper. It’s a flash app for creating seamless tiling images, and is really fun and easy to use.
You can read up on Repper here. I’ve requested live webcam support, which would be great fun. Here’s a creepy kitty head I made with it – a very headache inducing background.

And finally, sticking with the theme of cat’s heads – here’s the explosion effect I’ve been working on. You roll over the images to explode them into particles, and you can then roll over each of those to explode them further. I’ve not optimised it yet, but it’s running quite well in LOW quality.

Let me know what you think.

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