On leaving my job.

Friday was my final day in my job as Flash Developer at Sense Internet, a really cool, smallish web design agency here in Leeds, England. It’s probably not the best time to be leaving a great job, but I’ve been planning a big trip for ages, and so in a couple of weeks, me and four friends will be setting off to East Asia for 6 months of backpacking.

I’d been at Sense for about 18 months, working full time as the sole Flash Developer. It was a great learning experience being thrown in at the deep end and I got to work on some really fun and varied projects. I can’t mention all of them, as some haven’t been released yet, but I worked on projects for clients ranging from a Catholic social networking flash advent calendar, on a site used by the Pope…


A hotel price comparison tool, for Travelodge, one of the UK’s biggest hotel chains, which was publicised in full page advert in national newspapers!


To a huge amount of Flash work for Rizla’s UK site, from 3D and multiplayer games, to javascript integrated colour customisable widgets, integrated video content and user generated content! Such as –

Battlepacks – a multiplayer battleships style game –


Rich photographic, audio and video content for a series of Invisible Players gigs –


A scrolling products menu, which sets the selected product in the page with fancy ExternalInterface javascript calls –


An interactive history of the Rizla brand –


I’ve had a great time at Sense, and they’re an awesome company – if you’re looking for top quality web design, they’re definitely the guys to call. Did I mention we won the Best Web Design Company in Yorkshire award whilst I was there?


In the next two weeks, as well as packing for my trip, I’ll be writing up some content for this blog, and set it to publish whilst I’m away. I should be able to get to a computer every couple of days, and will hopefully be doing some coding on the road, so I’ll keep you posted.

Keep your comments and mails coming in – they’ll be a reminder of home whilst I’m on the road.

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