Flash Midi Server – Sonar reproduction.

Sonar from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.

I just watched the spectacular “Sonar” by Renaud Hallée – A piece he describes as “Rhythmic cycle w/ abstract animation. Basic keyframe animation using flash, without scripting.” You can see it above. Awesome eh?

Seeing as I was working on my Flash based Midi Server, I thought I’d try and reproduce the basic elements of it using Actionscript.

This is my homage to Sonar – Basic scripting in Flash, using FlashMidiServer and FruityLoops for dynamic audio. I’ll post the SWF and source soon, when I upload the full Flash Midi Server package – Source, Java App, Demos, Air apps etc coming soon.

Flash Midi Server – Sonar reproduction. from Lawrie Cape on Vimeo.

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