Arduino Sewing Machine Guitar Pedal

A few days ago I saw a sewing machine pedal in a charity shop, and wondered if I could turn it into a guitar effects pedal. Through a bit of re-wiring and few lines of Processing, it turns out you can. The hardest bit was getting the pedal apart!

The pedal is basically a spring loaded potentiometer, so I wired it to send the values, through an Arduino to a Processing App, and from there, to the virtual guitar effects software – Guitar Rig.

It’s not a bad start, but it might take me a while to make a full copy of one of these –

2 thoughts on “Arduino Sewing Machine Guitar Pedal”

  1. Thanks – it’s not directly effecting the audio, it’s just outputting Midi Controller commands – which I can then hook up to any effect in NI’s Guitar Rig software.

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