Flash Midi Server – I/O version. Work in progress

A couple of days ago, a guy called Alfonso posted a comment on the Flash Midi Server page asking if the app could pass data from a midi controller to flash. FMS had always been designed to send out data – as I was originally interested in using Flash as the driving force for generative audio apps. But adding Midi input to the setup should open some more interesting possibilities.
I spent a couple of hours setting up an Input version last night – and got a demo version working.

In the image, the controller positions on the Novation Nocturn are mirrored in the swf.

I need to add the new input functions to the current FMS server app – but expect an Input / Output Flash Midi Server to come in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “Flash Midi Server – I/O version. Work in progress”

  1. Oh yeah…I’m really excited to see the I/O server…Could be used for some really fancy stuff! :-)

    Keep up the good work.

    Greetings – Lee

  2. Cheers Lee – it’s all set-up and working now, I just need to tidy up the server app’s interface and repackage it. Should be coming soon.

  3. Unfortunately the latest versions of Processing and one of the libraries I’m using in the server app are throwing lots of new errors, so this is going to fall back into the “when I get time to have a proper look at it” pile.

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