Flash Midi Server – Sonar reproduction.

Sonar from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.

I just watched the spectacular “Sonar” by Renaud Hallée – A piece he describes as “Rhythmic cycle w/ abstract animation. Basic keyframe animation using flash, without scripting.” You can see it above. Awesome eh?

Seeing as I was working on my Flash based Midi Server, I thought I’d try and reproduce the basic elements of it using Actionscript.

This is my homage to Sonar – Basic scripting in Flash, using FlashMidiServer and FruityLoops for dynamic audio. I’ll post the SWF and source soon, when I upload the full Flash Midi Server package – Source, Java App, Demos, Air apps etc coming soon.

Flash Midi Server – Sonar reproduction. from Lawrie Cape on Vimeo.

Flash Midi Server – Processing + Flash + Webcam Instrument

Right, this has been something I’ve had in development for a while – and I’ve finally decided to put out a video demo. More info, videos, audio and hopefully source coming soon.

Flash Midi Server + Webcam image to audio app

An early test of my Flash Midi Server – used to send Midi notes and controllers from within Flash movies.

This early demo shows the Processing based Midi server (blue app in the bottom left), and also a Flash Webcam based audio tool. The Flash app takes still images from a webcam, and analysies them for 4 colours within them. These colours are then mapped to a range of notes, so for example, a white image will send a high note, whilst a black image wil send a low note. These notes can then be played back using Midi, and the corresponding images are displayed.

As an extra feature – the “activty level” (amount of movement) in the webcam can be monitored, and sent as CC data, to alter any settings. Here it is linked to a paramater of the midi instrument.

More polished versions coming soon.

Hopefully some nicer audio coming soon too : )