Arduino Project + Home Office

So, I’ve been pretty busy lately – back to work, which is great – getting stuck back into interesting Flash development for an awesome client, with some really good people.

But that doesn’t mean I’m falling behind on my other on-going projects. I’ve still got 2 games almost finalised, and my interactive arts project with Josh Sadler is coming on well.

For the arts piece, I’ve recently picked up an Arduino.

What’s an Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Sweet! I’ve been interested in HCI, hardware hacking and alternate input devices for a while – so I really should have picked up an Arduino ages ago!

Check out this beaut –

Here’s the kit I bought – complete with LEDs, potentiometers, breadboard and LCD screen. There’s lots of possibilites here. On the day it arrived, Josh and I managed to get it hooked up to some code we’d written (in PureData and Processing respectively).

And as a bonus, just for mentioning it, I get extra added blog cred. Just check out this XKCD –

In other news, the design site Inspiredology recently ran part two of their round up of “INSPIRING WORK ENVIRONMENTS”.

It’s fun to notice how every single one is a mac! I guess mac users are just more stylish. My current “home office” certainly offers no competition –

Yeah, that’s right. I code on a stool.

Pulling the Trigger to Purchase: Insights on Marketing to Avid Gamers

One of the Flash and web design blogs I keep up to date with is the awesome Blitz Labs. Blitz is a really cool agency from LA, who have done some cutting edge work and have one of the best “About Us” videos I’ve seen.

They’ve recently put together a whitepaper on marketing video games which makes really interesting reading, and is crammed with lovely game themed infographics.

What influences avid gamers to pull the trigger to purchase? At BLITZ, we’re not just into producing innovative, breakthrough creative, we’re also keen on the insights that drive strategy and help generate ideas. Given all our work within the video game vertical, we took it upon ourselves to facilitate our own research study on the purchasing influencers of avid gamers, which includes both quantitative data (from a set of 1000 respondents) and qualitative data (from smaller, more intimate focus groups), research and our strategic planners.

The study touches on traditional, digital, mobile and social media, and provides deep insights into this highly sought-after demographic-much of which we found to be surprising.

It’s more tailored to the core games market than the casual, but most of the points are eqally applicable to marketing your latest Flash / Indie PC / iPhone game.

Register at Blitz Labs to download the whitepaper.

On an unrelated note, although it seems ironic to do so on a Flash development blog, given all the conflict – I’ve added an iPhone plugin so the site should be quicker and easier to use on the go.